Who We Are?

Our Mission

Hi there! We are Square Igloo Reviews. We basically write reviews to help persons of your kind find the best products regardless of the prevailing budget.

Over and above the reviews, we also draft articles lots of articles on other niches. These pertain to such aspects as the analysis of consumer culture, plenty of shopping advice, practical tips to make the most of the products, and how to compared prices and land your hand on the best product, to name but a few!

What Makes Us Different

Obviously, we are not the only firm that is engaged in this trade. Indeed, there are quite a number of competitors out there. The good news though is that we are not alone. We mainly take pride in being comprehensive. All our reviews touch on the quality, price, and suitability of the products.

This is a far cry from our competitors who are mainly fixated on the cost aspects, nothing more. In the course of our reviews, we also tend to focus more on the relevance of the product concerned to a particular kind of consumer. We are alive to the fact that people’s income, tastes, and preferences vary considerably.

Regardless of your budget, taste or preferences, you may count on us to deliver to you the best reviews and guides. We believe in purchasing the best, and that, of course, is impossible without proper guidance to that effect.

How We Make Our Pick

While picking the product to review, we take great caution. We see to it that we only choose those items that are safe and relevant to your use. With regard to this, we emphasize on those products that are functional, safe, and more likely to meet your specific needs.

Some of the tools and approaches we employ are referrals from past consumers, product reviews from past users, the credibility of the manufacturer, and the quality of the ingredients that make the product up.

Lastly, we also tap into a large pool of volunteer testers. These are people who are drawn from diverse backgrounds and similarly possess varying levels of technical expertise. They employ these skills to arrive at the best ever final recommendations for you. When all are said and done, all the products we finally present to you are truly reliable and better placed at giving you higher value for money.

Our Research Style

The method used to research products is just as significant as the research findings themselves. We do have in stock a group of certified researchers and authors. These are further complemented with topnotch tools like the reviewmeta and fakespot.

Moreover, we also solicit advice and inspiration from professionals, research departments and the entire research ecosystem world over. Together, all these resources enable us to come up with unyielding research outcomes.

We know how significant the views of past clients is towards any research outcome. That is why we never shy to seek their views in the course of carrying out our observations. Indeed, we take our time to speak to the past buyers of the products concerned before settling on specific end results.

How We Make Money

Needless to say, we need money to stay afloat, like any other for-profit entity. We make our money in many ways and means. The commissions, which are percentages of the sales, are by far our single largest source of income. These commissions, we levy, each time you make a purchase via our links.

It is worth noting that each time you return an item, we forfeit the commission. Simply put: if you feel cheated with us, you have the leeway to return the commodity, after which we refund the payment. This is one more incentive why we strive our best to present you only those products that are richer in quality and more likely to sell.

Call for Action

Do you need any more proof that our research findings are credible and reliable? With this assurance, is it not in order now to prioritize our services in your search for the right research firm to work with? What are you waiting for? Kindly make ours your preferred avenue for obtaining the necessary product information!

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