Top 10 Best Geiger Counters in 2020 Reviews

For your own safety, you want to be sure that your environment to be completely safe and free from any forms of radiation. This is to prevent cancer and other sicknesses that ordinarily come as a result of high radiation levels. To get to know about the radiation levels, you will have to use a best geiger counter.

This is a gadget that measures the levels of radioactivity in any surface or substances chiefly by detecting and counting the number of ionizing particles. It displays the readings promptly and legibly to let you know whether it is safe to get to the area or not. That way, it contributes to making your stay safe.

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List of The Best Geiger Counters Reviews:

10. SOEKS EcoVisor F4 Geiger counter Radiation Detector

10: SOEKS EcoVisor F4 Geiger counter Radiation Detector
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Other than knowing the radiation levels in your area, you also want to whether the water, fruits, and vegetables you consume are indeed fit for consumption. Unfortunately, many devices of these kinds cannot do anything beyond merely detecting the radiation levels. Fortunately, you have a companion in this gadget.

It is able to detect the levels of Nitrates, radiation, solid particles, and heavy metals in water, meats, vegetables, fruits, and soil. As such, it cuts down the time you would ordinarily need to know whether you are safe or not. In light of this, you get to enjoy your sense of safety with limited effort on your part.

9. RADEX ONE Personal RAD Safety, High Sensitivity Compact Personal Dosimeter

9: RADEX ONE Personal RAD Safety, High Sensitivity Compact Personal Dosimeter
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This appliance is designed for use by an individual for impromptu detections. As such, it is simple and easier to make use of. Notwithstanding is simplicity, this counter is nonetheless effective enough to do a comparatively good job. It is capable of detecting X-rays, Beta, and Gamma radiations.

It does make use of some 10-second measurement cycles to do the job. This makes it the quickest Geiger counter that is available on the market. To add to these, the appliance also shares data smoothly and easily. You simply attach a USB cable and stream the contents to the personal computer.

8. RADEX RD1503+ w/o Dosimeter: High Accuracy Geiger Counter

8: RADEX RD1503+ w/o dosimeter: High accuracy Geiger counter, radiation detector (English)
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Some measurements require truly accurate outcomes. You cannot rely on your ordinary measurement gadget if you have an accurate element in mind. That is why you have no choice but to choose a counter that is sophisticated like this one. It is on the whole updated and greatly improved.

Its accuracy derives from the sophisticated new software. With it, you will be able to detect X-rays, Gamma and Beta radiations. Thanks to its measurement cycle of 40 seconds, you will not strain to detect your readings as they will not fluctuate too soon. An audio alarm comes along to alert you of the conclusion of the reading exercise.

7. MIRA Safety Best Professional Nuclear Radiation Detector Geiger-Counter

7: MIRA Safety Best Professional Nuclear Radiation Detector Geiger-Counter
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Of all the counters we have in our crosshairs, it is this one that is the most agile. Why you may ask? The answer lies in its ability to detect nuclear radiation. Other than nuclear energy, it also detects the X-rays, Gamma, Beta, and ionizing radiation. For these reasons, it may also serve industrial-scale applications.

Though packed with elegant features, this appliance is slim and compact, thanks to the ballpoint pen size. This size cuts down the bulk and the attendant higher costs of acquisition you would ord9narily have to part with. It is a good one to try out if you are short on cash yet have a professional element.

6. New GQ GMC-320 plus Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector Data Recorder

6: New GQ GMC-320 plus Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector Data Recorder
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Detecting radiation is one thing, recording the same is yet another thing altogether. It is not always uncommon for some data to be lost in the process of transferring the readings from the counters to the personal computers. You have a reliable companion with this counter though.

It incorporates a detector and a recorder in one comprehensive package. This mix allows for the detection and transfer of data in real-time. The counter is generally capable of detecting the Beta, Gamma, and X-rays. By virtue of digital character, this counter is clearly legible and unambiguous to make do with.

5. RADEX RD1503+ Safety PRO with Dosimeter

5: RADEX RD1503+ Safety PRO with Dosimeter
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Professional readings are never really easy to take and administer. They require a higher degree of accuracy by virtue of being held to higher standards. We challenge you to try your luck on this specific counter. Not only is it accurate, but also it is capable of detecting a number of undesirable radiations.

The Beta, Gamma, and the X-rays are among these. In its entirety, this appliance features an upgrade of the dosage model. With this upgrade, it is possible for you to attain immediate readings. Its scale on the other hand range from 0.05~9.99 µSv/h. This decent range is complemented with an audio and a vibration alarm, complete with a backlight.

4. SOEKS 112 Compact Digital Geiger counter

4: SOEKS 112 Compact Digital Geiger counter
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This, yet again, is a personal radiation detector and counter. It is structured for use by an individual, more so that a person who lacks the technical expertise needed to handle complex operations. You will rely on it to get to know the levels of Beta, Gamma, X-rays, and ionizing energy radiations.

With this appliance, it is possible to attain faster and more accurate outcomes. This stems from its sensitivity in taking and displaying readings. Though sophisticated, it is still easier to operate, typically by means of one button. The long battery life exists to make your all the more comfortable.

3. Mazur Instruments PRM-9000 Geiger counter and Nuclear Radiation Contamination Detector

3: Mazur Instruments PRM-9000 Geiger counter and Nuclear Radiation Contamination Detector
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In many places, nuclear radiations are not really the problem. Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM), are they. To be on the safe side of issues, you want a counter that is capable of tackling such measurements as well. This is the one we would ask that you place your bet on.

With it, you will be able to tackle a range of 0.001 to 125 mR/hr. with an accuracy of +/-10%. Over and above detecting the radiation, this appliance also monitors the elapsed time, the dose rate levels, and the ambient temperatures. It displays readings in many metrics and measurement units.

2. GQ GMC-320Plus Fulfill Nuclear Radiation Detector Meter Test Equipment

2: GQ GMC-320Plus Fulfill Nuclear Radiation Detector Meter Test Equipment
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Do you change locations every now and then? You want a counter that is portable enough to carry around with relative ease. We invite you to attempt this one as it is a ready-to-go portable nuclear radiation detector. While displaying the readings, the device also visualizes the real-time radiation too!

This makes it great for tackling a wide range of applications. Upon detecting unsafe levels of radiation, the appliance emits some beeping sounds to let you know of the same. Thus, it aims to keep your health safer and more reliable all the time. What’s more? It also serves industrial purposes.

1. RADEX RD1503+ with Dosimeter (Outdoor Version)

1: RADEX RD1503+ with Dosimeter (Outdoor Version)
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For all practical purposes, this counter suits the outdoor conditions almost exclusively. It contains all the trappings necessary for the attainment of this end. Not only is it accurate, but also capable of detecting the harmful nuclear radiation. Its ability spans the combined Beta, Gamma and X-Ray radiations.

The scale of the appliance ranges from 0.05 to 9.99 µSv/h. These work jointly with an audio and vibration alarm to see to it that you miss not any reading. Unlike your ordinary counter, this one is pre-calibrated and requires no further assembly on your part. You will find it convenient for use even with limited expertise.


Very high doses of radiation can actually kill you if you do not do something to stay away from them soonest possible. To prevent any gambles and guarantee some utmost safety, you want to move with haste and purchase any of these best geiger counter for yourself soonest possible.

Reading through the explanations we have provided against each of the items above is one sure way of achieving this end. In case you get stuck along the way, kindly get back to us. We are more than willing and ready to aid you in making more informed decisions later. All the best!

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