Top 10 Best Hanging Solar Lights in 2020 Reviews

Want to light up your yards but would not wish to incur huge utility bills that ordinarily come along? You have your bet on the hanging solar lights for the job. These are lanterns that derive their power from solar energy and are nonetheless bright enough to impact a huge radius at a time.

Owing to their relative obscurity, it might not always be easy to lay your hand on the right one. That is why we have seen it necessary to come in and provide that very guidance. We have sampled the best solar outdoor lanterns you may consider choosing.

Our Top Picks:

List of Best Hanging Solar Lights Reviews:

10. SUNWIND Outdoor Solar Lantern Lights

10: SUNWIND Solar Lantern Lights Outdoor SUNWIND Waterproof Solar Table Lamp
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Could it be that your area experiences higher levels of precipitation? We ask that you place your bet on this lantern. It is both water and weatherproof. For these two reasons, this appliance is able to maintain its stability in areas that are constantly bombarded with heavy water and moisture.

When fully charged, the light is capable of exuding the light output for 8 consecutive hours without fail. Its battery recharges to allow for continual use without unnecessary failures in the course of use. It also exudes some aesthetics, a fact that makes it appropriately suited for beautifying your outdoors.

9. GVSHINE 4 Pack LED Solar Mission Lantern

9: GVSHINE 4 Pack LED Solar Mission Lantern
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Even when lighting your yards, you have to save the energy output considerably. This is a feat you may only achieve if you bring in the intervention of a lantern that is optimized for energy saving. Of all the lanterns under our consideration, it is this one that yields that very benefit.

Its energy consumption is lower than those of many other lanterns around. Notwithstanding this, the equipment also emits high quality LED lighting capability. When it stays idle for too long, it will shut off automatically to ward off the consumption of fuel. What’s more? You may also use it for decorations!

8. Yinuo Mirror Solar Lantern Lights Dancing Flame

8: Yinuo Mirror Solar Lantern Lights Dancing Flame Waterproof Outdoor Hanging Lantern
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Over and above merely lighting your ambiance, it is necessary that the best lantern also make decorative patterns with the lighting flames. This is the one to pick as it exudes some realistic flickering flames. These distinctive flames dance to add some elegance and décor to your environment.

As a bonus, this lantern delivers and manages long working time. You may use it for 15 hours non-stop hours per charge. At the same time, the lantern takes only 4-5 hours to fully recharge after the charge is depleted fully. Being compact, it fits smoothly in the porch, patio, pathways, walls, and the tabletops.

7. Lights4fun Black Metal Solar Powered LED Candle Lantern

7: Lights4fun, Inc. Black Metal Solar Powered LED Fully Weatherproof Outdoor Garden & Patio Flameless Candle Lantern
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Searching for a lantern exclusively for use in your patio? You have a companion with this lantern. It makes a good addition to your patios, porches, yards, and backyards. That is chiefly because it is compact and small enough to fit those small places with absolute ease. This is not to mention that it performs better also.

On the whole, it delivers 8 hours of illumination which is definitely sufficiently long. Given its awesome construction, this lantern performs well in the spring and summer equally well. The flame output is colored in the Amber which is breathtaking to behold.

6. HomeImpro Solar Big Lantern Hanging Garden Outdoor Lights

6: HomeImpro Solar Big Lantern Hanging Garden Outdoor Lights
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To be able to enjoy prolonged and reliable applications, the lanterns you choose have to be strong and waterproof. We welcome you to try this one with has durable construction and is also weather resistant. These two vital traits ensure that it stands tall to all the periods of performances that suffer adverse weather conditions.

An automatic on/off button exists to save you energy and time. This one basically switches the lantern off when the same remains idle for far too long. On the whole, the lantern operates smoothly for 8 hours continuously per charge. This is not to mention that it recharges fully within a shorter time.

5. Yitee Mason Jar Solar Lantern Lights

5: Yitee Mason Jar Solar Lantern Lights
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Care for your environment? Your solution lies in an environmentally friendly lantern of this kind. By its sheer structure and makeup, this lantern is capable of saving your energy and at the same time deliver efficient services. A built-in light sensor detects the illumination levels to vary the intensity of the light output.

This way, it ensures that the least amount of energy possible is expended in the process of lighting your apparatus. With this lantern, you need no external wiring to set up. On account of this, it sets up faster and easier than many others. Thus, it also saves you the effort you would need to enjoy the benefits that come along.

4. Maggift Hanging Solar Lights Shepherd Hook Lights

4: Maggift 22 Inch Hanging Solar Lights Multipurpose Shepherd Hook Lights
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Could it be that you generally change your locations too often? You have to pick a multipurpose lantern of this kind. It boasts of multiple installation modes to make this feat easily achievable. Courtesy of this, the lantern installs in flat land, hangs in branches, and pushes down to the earth.

Apart from its core role of lighting up your yards, this lantern also serves decorative purposes as well. Its makeup and design are so elegant and decorative. Then its color output is also outstanding. They are 2.5 times brighter than those of the ordinary lamps. These make for greater visibility.

3. SteadyDoggie Solar Lantern

3: SteadyDoggie Solar Lantern
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Is your search for the right lantern dictated for whole family use? You have no better lantern than this one. It is not only large enough but also emits a powerful bright light that has the ability to impact entire rooms seamlessly. Then, its own design is smart and elegant.

This comes in the form of the antique feel which is quite breathtaking to the eyes. Owing to this design, the lantern is suitable for use in indoor and outdoor environments equally. Further making the lantern all the more awesome is the waterproof makeup. You will not have to expend additional wiring to install it.

2. Pearlstar Hanging Solar Lights Outdoor

2: Pearlstar Hanging Solar Lights Outdoor
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A good lantern ought to go beyond merely lighting your yards and paths. It should ideally add some class, fervor, and elegance to your rooms. This is a feat you may only attain if you lay your hands on a lantern that is appropriately designed for the job.

This one will give you so much more than that. It does comprise some two installation ways, which allow for smooth fixing and installation. Further to that, it also comes equipped with a durable handle that hangs easily on your walls and the flat surfaces. Have we mentioned that it charges easily?

1. TAKE ME Solar Lantern, Outdoor Garden Hanging Lantern

1: TAKE ME Solar Lantern, Outdoor Garden Hanging Lantern
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Want to spruce your party? This waterproof LED flickering flameless candle is the one to pick and install in your yard. It is pretty colorful and appropriately suited for use in the outdoor environment and other events that transpire there. At night, it emits the light output for 6 nonstop hours.

Unlike other lanterns, it switches off automatically at the conclusion of the lighting session. When lit, it does emit some warm glow which adds some color to your events. The lamp derives its power from one battery which makes the cost of operations lower and more affordable.


Differed hanging solar lights are suited for different purposes as you may see from the reviews above. To be able to find the right one, you have to first and foremost determine the unique role which you want to devote yours too. Go ahead thereafter to look for the one which mirrors your expectations.

You may also seek the views of past users and persons who have attempted these solar outdoor lanterns before. That way, it will be possible for you to find one which is more likely to do well in your area of use. All the best in your subsequent search for the right lamp!

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