Many players engage in the manufacture of women backpacks. Of all these, the Osprey brand stands out particularly. These bags exude some feminine appearances while at the same time confer spacious interior and breathtaking outward looks. As a woman worth her salt, it is in your best interest to prioritize one of the best Osprey women’s backpack.

This is a feat you may only achieve if you receive the necessary guidance to that effect. That is the role we step in to play here. We have identified and are going to review ten top bags that are manufactured by this brand. Reading through to the end is a sure way of gaining the necessary insight.

Our Top Picks:

List of The Best Osprey Women’s Backpacks Reviews:

10. Osprey Packs Nova Women’s Laptop Backpack

10: Osprey Packs Nova Women's Laptop Backpack
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If you travel a lot by air, this is the backpack you want to choose and make use of. It conforms to the stringent TSA standards and is hence well able to spare you from the hassles which ordinarily arise when juggling from one airport to another airport.

A pocket exists at the front panel. This pocket is meshed to allow for uninterrupted inflow and outflow of air. Then, a padded laptop and tablet sleeve also top up the features that the bag possesses. These are further complemented with a document sleeve whose role is to contain your magazines.

9. Osprey Packs Porter 30 Travel Backpack

9: Osprey Packs Porter 30 Travel Backpack
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Searching for a backpack purely to safeguard your clothes? You want to be careful enough to choose only that one which is highly breathable and ventilated. That is because clothes have the tendency to develop some foul smell when stuffed together for too long. Of all the backpacks, it is this that guarantees that role.

It is heavily compartmentalized to provide the space you need to safeguard many kinds of attire. Its closing mechanism features a rear-panel zip which seals in all of your gears with maximum security. A spare tablet sleeve also exists to keep your laptop and tablets.

8. Osprey Packs Aura AG 65 Women’s Backpacking Backpack

8: Osprey Packs Aura AG 65 Women's Backpacking Backpack
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Do you walk a lot? Cut yourself some stress by choosing a lighter and easily movable backpack of this kind. This one boasts of an anti-gravity suspension mechanism. The feature works in such a way as to make your backpack feel less weighty and comfortable enough to haul.

It is further accompanied by the stow-on-the-go trekking pole. This pole makes it possible for you to tackle steeper terrains without losing your balance. It also works wonders when the weather is bad and the terrain is muddy. An Internal hydration reservoir sleeve has the ability to hold up3 liters of moisture.

7. Osprey Packs Fairview 40 Women’s Travel Backpack

7: Osprey Packs Fairview 40 Women's Travel Backpack
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If all you want is to carry a few gears and transport the same from one place to another, your options are somewhat limited. You must just insist on a bag that bears minimalist design such as this one. So small and compact it is that holds the bare minimum set of belongings.

Despite its small and minimalist design, this bag accords extensive interior organization. By virtue of this, it prevents the mix-ups of gears and personal belongings. At the same time, it allows for the easy retrieval and access of the clothing attire if and when the circumstances demand.

6. Osprey Packs Porter 46 Travel Backpack

6: Osprey Packs Porter 46 Travel Backpack
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As its name implies, this is a backpack that is wholly designed and intended for traveling. It is compact, aerodynamic, and securely fitting. The sum total of these traits combines to make for appropriate handling and management. A harness exists at the shoulders for expedited transportation.

In the course of your travels, the backpack acts to secure your clothing items fully. This is a role it does mainly by the use of the padded wings. The stowaway shoulder harness, on the other hand, tightens and secures the backpack firmly on your shoulders to minimize fidgeting. That way, you get to walk around with ease.

5. Osprey Packs Sirrus 24 Women’s Hiking Backpack

5: Osprey Packs Sirrus 24 Women's Hiking Backpack
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Could it be that you are mindful of your comfort alone? Well, we ask that you place your bet on this backpack. On the whole, it delivers incredible levels of comfort. These levels are mainly brought about by the proper ventilation and breathability of the fabrics that make the bag up.

An internal hydration reservoir sleeve exists to contain your water bottles and supply you with the water you need while on the go. Lastly, the dual-zippered panel confers unbridled access to the main compartments. This makes you retrieve the clothing with unnecessary inconveniences. All these make you happy, definitely.

4. Osprey Packs Kyte 46 Women’s Backpacking Backpack

4: Osprey Packs Kyte 46 Women's Backpacking Backpack
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Prolonged use obviously demands that the bag in use be strong and durable enough. That is because the pace of wear and tear increases when the backpack is used for durations that are too long. You have a companion in this bag. It does come about in a heavy-duty fashion.

This one makes it better placed for the said roles. In all, this backpack is well able to tackle difficult and rugged terrains with ease. That is because its structure and makeup are such that they remain resilient in the wake of intense fidgety. By these accounts, the backpack also maintains your sense of balance.

3. Osprey Packs Tempest 20 Women’s Hiking Backpack

3: Osprey Packs Tempest 20 Women's Hiking Backpack
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Just in case the terrain you ply is subjected to excessively harsh terrains, you should pick a backpack that is optimized for balance and stability. Without wasting too much time, we invite you to try your hand on this one. Other than the stable balance, the backpack comes equipped with a stow-on-the-go trekking pole attachment.

This one adds some support to your stature and walking style. Then, a dual-zippered panel exists to provide some access to the main compartment. These are complemented with some two zippered hip-belt pockets. They will carry all your gears smoothly as you move along.

2. Osprey Packs Sirrus 36 Women’s Hiking Backpack

2: Osprey Packs Sirrus 36 Women's Hiking Backpack
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To be able to make your hikes successful and enjoyable, you want the backpack you choose for the job to be similarly appropriately designed for that very purpose. This is the one to place your bet on. Its fabric is appropriately ventilated to allow the smooth exchange of gases into and out of the interior segment.

Moreover, the panel adjusts to facilitate various kinds of uses and suits different environments too! That way, you are assured some consistent and comfortable lengths at all times of your use of the equipment. Like many standard backpacks, this one too contains an internal hydration reservoir sleeve.

1. Osprey Packs Fairview 55 Women’s Travel Backpack

1: Osprey Packs Fairview 55 Women's Travel Backpack
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For your convenience, you want a backpack that doubles up as a carry-on in an aircraft. This is the one to choose to work with. On the whole, this equipment is a detachable, large, and spacious enough to accord added storage space for your gears. As a bonus, it is accepted by many airlines as a carry-on.

Only durable fabrics are used to constitute its structural parts and components. These ones are designed smartly not to mention being tough enough to allow for regular travels. A large panel zip is the one that lets you access the main compartments without to access your gears.


From the foregoing reviews, one thing stands out. That different backpacks are suited for different purposes. It is important to ascertain exactly why you want the backpack in the first place. Thereafter, go ahead to choose that one which is more likely to serve you right.

As a woman worth her salt, it is in your best interest to invest some time before embarking on a search for the best Osprey women’s backpack. Of importance, you should speak to a number of past users for inspiration and guidance. They will give you a rough clue of what to anticipate from these bags when you buy them.

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