Top 10 Best Outdoor Storage Bench in 2020 Reviews

Have too many gears in your household but limited space to contain them? Well, you have the outdoor storage bench for your consideration. These, as the name implies are storage items that are chiefly made of wood. They may serve as benches at the same time.

These storage compartments are better suited for those items you do not need on a day to day basis. Examples of these are used clothes, unwanted electronics, spare cutlery, and tools. Our goal in the discussions that follow shall be to examine ten of the best items for you to consider.

Our Top Picks:

List of The Best Outdoor Storage Bench Reviews:

10. Simpli Home Acadian Solid Wood Rustic Entryway Storage Bench

10: Simpli Home INT-AXCACA-EB-ALB Acadian Solid Wood 48 inch Wide Rustic Entryway Storage Bench in Light Avalon Brown
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This is a large and truly spacious wooden storage bench. It has the capacity to seat two persons comfortably. The item is made chiefly by the handcrafting method. As such, it is also breathtaking to behold. With this in mind, you may use it to add some décor to your yards.

It does have some lift-up bench lids whose roles are to allow for the smooth entry and access to interior contents. The interior storage compartments are partitioned into two. You devote each compartment to safeguard unique tools and items. Some grooved panels also ensure sufficient inflow of air.

9. Keter Rockwood Jumbo White Outdoor Deck Storage Box

9: Keter Rockwood Jumbo 150 GL / 570 L White Outdoor Deck Storage Box
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Do you have too many kid’s toys in your home? If you do, we ask that you pick and make do with this storage bench. It has the makeup, storage space, and configurations needful for the safeguarding of kid’s toys. On the whole, it does come in some attractive multifunctional design.

Thanks to this design, you may devote the item to many other tasks besides merely safeguarding your kid’s toys. Some of them include sitting, rest and recreation, decorations, and attachments to other exterior pieces of furniture. Its weatherproof character sees to it that it performs well year-round.

8. Home Styles Montego Bay Deck Box, Eucalyptus Finish

8: Home Styles 5661-25 Montego Bay Deck Box, Eucalyptus Finish
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Could it be that the area where you stay in experience higher-than-average levels of precipitation? The storage bench you choose has to be similarly able to bear and withstand heavy amounts of water and moisture. This is the one we request that you pick and make use of.

With the versatile eucalyptus finish, this one is more likely to stay firm and stable all the time. Its core corpses the plantation-grown Shorea wood. These two resist the infiltration of water and hence impedes rotting. Moreover, it assembles faster and easily; a fact that makes it usable by those without any skill.

7. Suncast Elements Coffee Table with Storage

7: Suncast Elements Coffee Table with Storage
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A typical year experiences vast variations in environmental and weather conditions. To be on the safe side, you have to place your bet on the bench which is able to stand to all the varying weather elements. None other than this may give you that very level of reliability.

It does provide a whopping 30 gallons of outdoor storage. In the storage compartments, you will be able to slot in all of your accessories with ease. Thanks to its multi-wall resin construction, the furniture withstands warping, debts, and rust to guarantee year-round use. Its exterior bears the Java wicker decorations.

6. Keter Rockwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box

6: Keter Rockwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture 150 Gal, Brown
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Organic items are more likely to rot when packed in a stuffy box. If you have them in your household, the storage compartment you have to employ should be that which allows for an unimpeded inflow of air. Of all the ones under our radar, it is this one that is designed for that very need.

It is, on the whole, resistant to harsh weather elements and is hence capable of maintaining your interiors appropriately ventilated and contents absolutely dry all times. To add to these, the item itself is easier to maintain as it rarely sustains peel offs, stains, dents, and warps.

5. Keter Springwood Plastic Deck Storage Outdoor Box

5: Keter Springwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture 80 Gal, Brown
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Are you desirous of classic and functional outdoor storage solutions for your decks and patios? Look to no other storage bench than this one. It is chiefly made of the Springwood which delivers some attractive and practical overall design. This is besides the 80-gallon carrying capacity that holds all your gears intact.

Its interior bears the polypropylene resin construction which doubles up as comfortable seating for around two persons. Then come some built-in handles and rollers. They allow for smooth and expedited transportation of the apparatus to wherever you might want it to go. All these make for smooth handling.

4. Keter Comfy Resin Plastic Wood Look All Weather Outdoor Storage Deck Box

4: Keter Comfy 71 Gallon Resin Plastic Wood Look All Weather Outdoor Storage Deck Box, Brown
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Keen in styling up your exterior? Well, this is the piece of furniture to lay your hands on. Its outward appearance is so nice and awesome that it adds value to your exteriors. The size of this box is also an asset. That is because it is medium-sized and hence more likely to maximize the limited storage space.

While at it, the furniture also provides excess seating capacity for you while also adding some attractiveness to the patio or garden. In this furniture, you have 71 gallons of storage space. 485 pounds of weight-bearing capacity, and unparalleled stability to take you all along.

3. Keter Outdoor Rattan Style Storage Cube Patio Table

3: Keter 233705 55 Gallon Outdoor Rattan Style Storage Cube Patio Table, 1 Pack, Brown
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Unlike your ordinary storage bench, this one embodies both attractiveness and practicality. It is hence a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution for all your outdoor storage and relaxation needs. Some unique traits and features converge to make it a piece of awesome equipment to make use of. The natural brown rattan finish stands tall among these.

Further, it is also manufactured using the all-weather UV-protected resin. This one blocks out the harmful ultraviolet radiation which has the potential to cause some harm to you as you sit on it. On account of this finish, you may use the furniture in sunny areas without any untold hassles.

2. Keter Circa Natural Wood Style Round Outdoor Storage Table

2: Keter 230897 Circa Natural Wood Style Round Outdoor Storage Table
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Do you cherish contemporary designs and want the very best from them? Well, you have no better bench than this one. Why is this the case? The table is available in some contemporary circular design. These are adorned with some durable wood-look patterns that add some beauty.

Other than storing your gears, this furniture also serves as a comfortable seat for one adult. You may, if you so wish, use it as a side or coffee table. It also comes along with some built-in handles and lightweight construction. These two make for easy mobility.

1. Keter Westwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box

1: Keter Westwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture 150 Gal, Brown
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Retrieving your stored gears ought really not to be a fight. To be assured of smooth opening and closing, you have to choose to work with this bench that is easier to open and close. It does comprise a flat lid as a flagship trait.

Apart from being easy to open and close, the lid also cuts down the hassles you will have to put in as you operate it. It opens automatically when triggered and prevents foreign objects from sliding into the box when the same is closed. Its exterior exudes some stylish natural wood-paneled finish and texture.


What more information could you possibly ask for with regards to the outdoor storage bench? We have indeed labored to offer you the direction you need to make the most informed decision here. Just read through the explanations yet again to narrow down to the one you most desire.

Quite a number of the past readers of our post have still been unable to make informed decisions even after reading through our explanations. Do not be trapped. Simply get to us and ask us for further assistance. We shall gladly furnish the same. Best of luck!

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