Christmas is around the corner. It also comes once a year. You definitely want to give it your very best, don’t you? The Christmas outdoor wreaths are quite indispensable at such times. They add some elegance, décor, and color to your homes at such times. All these have the added advantages of spicing up your celebrations.

How else can you make a good purchasing decision save for receiving appropriate guidance to that end? We have sampled some ten leading wreaths in the meantime. Our reviews that follow thereafter will seek to take you deeper to familiarize you with the details.

Our Top Picks:

Best Holiday Christmas Wreaths for Front Door:

10. National Tree Company 48 Inch Norwood Fir Wreath with 200 Clear Lights (NF-48WLO)

10: National Tree Company 48 Inch Norwood Fir Wreath with 200 Clear Lights (NF-48WLO)
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These wreaths are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are water and weatherproof to manage this. Their diameter measures 48 inches and comes along with some pre-strung 200 UL-listed clear lights. These are definitely bright enough to be able to light up whole areas with ease.

Each string comprises some 714 branch tips. Together, these tips spread out to reach out to whole areas comfortably. A distinctive BULB-LOCK feature exists to maintain your bulbs steadily to prevent a fall-off. Thus, the bulbs remain true to their character regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

9. Best Choice Products 24-inch Pre-Lit Cordless Artificial Spruce Christmas Wreath

9: Best Choice Products 24-inch Pre-Lit Cordless Artificial Spruce Christmas Wreath
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Look to add some pomp and color to your festivals and celebrations? These are the bulbs to choose from for the job. They bear elegant details that make this feat realizable. Among these are the pine cones, beautiful silver bristles, and red berries. In all, they give rise to the lively feels.

This wreath in and of itself is breathtaking to behold. It comes about with some spruce-styled branches. These bring about some lush and natural appearances. By virtue of the durable plastic makeup, you may count on it to perform extraordinarily well in all four seasons.

8. ANOTHERME Pre-lit 24 Inch Christmas Wreath 50 ClearLED Lights

8: ANOTHERME Pre-lit 24 Inch Christmas Wreath 50 ClearLED Lights
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Most areas experience snows in the summer. If you reside in that area, you want to capitalize on that. That can only mean choosing a snow-themed wreath. This one is a real snow wreath. It is manufactured using polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride materials and is as such stronger.

Some two-mode timers also come along. This one work hand in hand to light your house or ambiance perfectly. It does dissipate the light output via some 50 clear LED light bulbs. Then, it supports many themes and lighting options. The red berries, pine cones, and snow flocks are top examples of these.

7. LIFEFAIR 24 Inch Christmas Wreath Gold Bowknot, Berry, Ball

7: LIFEFAIR 24 Inch Christmas Wreath Gold Bowknot, Berry, Ball
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Searching for the right wreath for whole family use? This is the one to set your eyes on. It indeed contains all the trappings necessary for some good work to be done. These are brought about by the flame retardant materials and the absence of the tree-related allergens.

Its design and structural makeup are both unique. It does feature some pinecones and gold ball hangings. These two beams with much charm and realism. All the light bulbs number to 50 and boast of the LED lighting mechanisms. Lastly, they are waterproof and protected from ultraviolet radiation.

6. LIFEFAIR Christmas Wreath, with 75 Battery Operated LED Lights and Wreath Hanger

6: LIFEFAIR Christmas Wreath, with 75 Battery Operated LED Lights and Wreath Hanger
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For intense shines and wholesome lighting, you need to utilize equally shiny sets of lights. We are pleased to announce to you about this one. It does comprise a whopping 75 LED light bulbs which act to dissipate the light output evenly and in a wider range.

Some two strong wireframes exist to confer the strength and structural framework to the wreath. With this structure at its core, the wreath maintains some freshness and beauty for many years to come. Thus, it also contributes to long-lasting reliability. What’s more? The lighting bulb works well both indoors and outdoors.

5. National Tree Company 24 Inch Frosted Berry Wreath with Red Berries and Cones (FRB-24W-1)

5: National Tree Company 24 Inch Frosted Berry Wreath with Red Berries and Cones (FRB-24W-1)
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From past experiences, most of these lighting mechanisms have been noted to catch fires and even predispose their users to allergies. In case you are asthmatic or prone to respiratory illnesses, you want to be on the safe side. Choose this one as it is both fire retardant and non-allergenic at the same time.

While at it, take advantage also of the 24-inch diameter and the 180 branch tips. These are trimmed with red berries as well as pine cones. They are subsequently more likely to discharge the light output far and wide enough. Moreover, the lighting apparatus is also useful for indoor and outdoor displays!

4. OasisCraft 24″ Christmas Wreath Spruce Red Wreath Front Door

4: OasisCraft 24
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Could it be that you are a partying enthusiast? These lights are there for you! They are wholly designed for lighting up numerous festivals and occasions. Thanksgiving, New Year, and Christmas are top examples of these. They fit this bill because of their all-rounded design and multipurpose nature.

To enable you to devote the wreath to many purposes, a heavy-duty door hanger that measures 15 inches comes in handy. This lets you hang the wreath on doors, on the wall, at the fireplace, on the windows, and just about anywhere! Why stress yourself with this wreath at your fingertips?

3. Valery Madelyn Pre-Lit 24 Inch Traditional Red White Christmas Wreath

3: Valery Madelyn Pre-Lit 24 Inch Traditional Red White Christmas Wreath
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You need not light your wreaths to be able to enjoy the benefits they potentially bring along. Not when you have this specific wreath at your fingertips. That is because this one bears a truly stylish design. It also comes about in some vibrant colors that add to the beauty.

With it, you may also warm your room over and above lighting it too. You will only require three AA batteries but at the same time discharge the light output via 20 LED light bulbs. What a nice decoration for your Christmas holidays? Get hold of it right away!

2. Tiny Land 18 Inch Christmas Wreath for Window & Advent

2: Tiny Land 18 Inch Christmas Wreath for Window & Advent
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Could it be that you just want to lay the wreath outdoors and nowhere else? Waste not your time with any apart from this one. It is wholly approved for the said environment. In all, this wreath has been handcrafted for added beauty and elegance. Moreover, it comes about in the variant red berry color.

One distinct characteristic stands out. This wreath lasts really long. As a matter of fact, it is possible for you to use it throughout the winter through to the Thanksgiving holidays. Save yourself some time and money by choosing to bank your hopes on it.

1. National Tree 24 Inch Wintry Pine Wreath

1: National Tree 24 Inch Wintry Pine Wreath
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Over the years, the pine tree has become synonymous with Christmas. Indeed, this image has been used for a large part to symbolize the festivity. It is only fair that you tap into this typically by opting for a wreath that employs the symbol extensively.

This is the one we would ask that you choose. Not only does it comprise the pine as the core but it also features red berries, cones, snowflakes, and other adornments. These have a diameter of 24 inches and are pre-strung. Some 50 UL-listed battery-operated LED lights to round up the list of its awesome features.


Our reviews of the best wreaths for the door comes to an end there. It is now our confidence that you are better placed to make a good purchasing decision. Simply read through the explanations we have given forth above to aid with the right selection.

In case you experience any difficulties along the way, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are always on standby and ready to offer further assistance to anyone who might be in need of such. When do you plan to acquire yours? Who else shall you share this information with?

Where Did The Christmas Wreath Originate?

You have probably laid the Christmas wreaths for quite some time now. But just what are these things? Where do they originate from? And what do they signify? Definitely, a firm understanding of these facts will male you appreciate the wreaths better and also make the best of them.

We have prepared a historical discussion here. The object of our study here shall be to look into the pasts of the wreaths, how they got their names and their significance here today. At the tail end of our discussions, we are confident you will get enough motivation for their subsequent use later on.

The Origins of The Christmas Wreaths

Before we delve into discussing the origins of these wreaths, it is worth knowing just how the term ‘wreath’ came about. The word “wreath” comes from an old English term “writhan” which means “to twist.” This is necessitated mostly by the fact that the typical wreath comes twisted and decorated.

Many ancient historical texts and sources intimate that the Christmas wreaths originated in ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, and Persian empires. However, the wreaths we know today differ significantly from those that were used in the years past. The same goes for the purposes to which they were used.

In the Persian Empire, for instance, wreaths were used to symbolize power and authority. They were mostly worn as headdresses and were called diadems. The wreaths as used in these instances were manufactured by the use of heavy fabrics.

They were further adorned with jewelry and were largely utilized by the members of the royal family. Those of ancient Egypt were nonetheless made of flowers and referred to as a chaplet. Lastly, the ones for ancient Greece and Roman periods featured laurels and were mainly worn by the emperors. Occasionally, they were also awarded to warriors in cognizance of their gallant performances at war.

With time though, the wreaths have been largely associated with Christmas and other festivities. At such times, they are generally placed or hung on doors and walls. They are extensively used for these purposes owing to the fact that they have circular shapes.

These shapes are touted to symbolize eternal life as well as the never-ending love of God. They largely came to be appreciated in the 16th century principally by the Advents. The wreaths used in this sense mainly featured flower makeups and were largely green in color.

They were largely touted to epitomize eternal life, red berries, and the holy oaks. The thorny leaves and the red berries supposedly represented the ‘crown of thorns’ that was worn by Jesus and the droplets of blood that the thorns instigated.

Under some special circumstances, a fifth candle, typically white in color, is paced to the center of the wreath. This one symbolizes the ‘coming light of Jesus Christ’ and is mainly lit on Christmas Eve.

Though largely used for religious purposes, many people use the wreaths exclusively for decorations. For instance, many Christians lay wreaths on the door during Christmas to showcase the invitation of Jesus to the said home. Alternatively, it may also invite the ‘spirit of Christmas’ into the said home over and above invoking ‘good luck.’

With the decline of Christianity these days, one waits to see just what place the wreaths will play in Christianity going forward. It is only fair that you get to know exactly why you want the wreath. Follow this by narrowing down to the exact type of wreath from the list we have discussed above.

Wrapping Up

It is our hope that you have now found the inspiration you need to appreciate the wreaths better. As you may note, wreaths come in many kinds and shapes. The trick hence is to find the right one for your cause. Our discussions above are definitely great starting points for the sake of proper choices.

Could it be that you are still stuck? Have you identified any gaps in the information we have provided? Are there any issues which in your opinion require further explanations? Kindly let us know in the comments section below. We truly care for and are upbeat about the success of the readers of our posts. Nice time too!

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