Top 10 Best Narrow Nightstands for Tiny Space Bedroom

Want to spice up your bedroom? You undoubtedly have to acquire and put in place a narrow nightstand. This is basically a piece of furniture that is small and compact. It squeezes firmly in any tiny space that is available in your bedroom. You may place candles, watches, smartphones, and other paraphernalia at night.

Many of them do exist out there for your consideration. Given the sheer large pool, finding the right one might never really be a simple undertaking. It is this role that we have gladly come to fulfill herein. Below is a sample of the best modern bedroom nightstands which have been proved to be reliable.

Our Top Picks:

List of The Best Narrow Nightstands Reviews:

10. Sorbus Narrow Nightstand with 2 Drawers

10. Sorbus Nightstand with 2 Drawers
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Do you regularly shift base? You do not need to purchase different kinds of nightstands. Instead, you should just acquire one and use it for all your practical services. With this piece of furniture, it is possible for you to carry it along and use it in various installations.

Top examples are the college dormitories, bedroom accessories, office, and living room. It comprises some two drawers which have enough space to contain all of your gears. Its wood top provides enough space to display your books, alarm clocks, lamps, and eyeglasses. Being small, it greatly cuts on storage space needs.

9. SONGMICS White Narrow Nightstand, End Table

9: SONGMICS White Nightstand, End Table
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Have many gears to contain and carry around? This is the nightstand to pick and use for the job. That is because it does provide a sufficiently spacious interior which is large enough to safeguard all of your gears. Though you have to assemble it before use, the process of doing so is not really complicated.

Other than merely containing your gears, this stand is also beautiful to behold. It comes about in many styles, colors, and other elegant finishing. These have the attendant impacts of making your interior bedrooms appear elegant to behold. You may in fact just pick and use them for making your bedroom awesome.

8. Lifewit Nightstand with 1 Fabric Drawer

8: Lifewit Nightstand with 1 Fabric Drawer
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Of all the narrow nightstands under our review, it is this one that is the most durable. It is wholly made of the premium chipboard material that is ordinarily resistant to all forms of damages. Topping the base material is some water-resistant canvas material. This one guard against the infiltration of moisture.

Coming in third are the strong legs that exist to provide stable support. They, in the course of use, ward off fidgeting which is known to destroy and pose permanent damages to the items that are placed atop the furniture. This, in turn, shields your items against any damages.

7. Furinno End Table Bedroom Night Stand

7: Furinno End Table Bedroom Night Stand, Petite, Espresso, Set of 2
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Want to add some style and fervor to your bedroom? This is the nightstand to choose for the job! It comes about in some simple yet stylish design. On account of these designs, the furniture is breathtaking to look at. Over and above its stylish design, the furniture also fits any room with absolute ease.

At its core are the non-woven fabric and composite wood constructions. They jointly confer some strength to the equipment in such a way as to make it capable of enduring all the hassles that come along in times of use. Lastly, the item is comparatively cheaper and easily affordable.

6. WINSOME Timmy Accent Table Narrow Nightstand

6: WINSOME Timmy Accent Table, Black
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Intending to safeguard different kinds of gears? We invite you to try this one out. This narrow nightstand is highly compartmentalized and well able to hold many gears at a time. This stems mainly from the existence of three drawers with distinct storage compartments. Its exterior contains stylish accents and is colored black.

Like many other items of these kinds, it also requires some assembly right before use. Nonetheless, its assembly requirements are limited in such a way as to take less time to effect. Apart from the bedroom, you will find it useful in your living room as a side table.

5. Furinno End Table Bedroom Narrow Nightstand with Bin Drawer

5: Furinno End Table Bedroom Night Stand w/Bin Drawer, Dark Brown/Black
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Tight on budget? Why not try this nightstand out? It is designed for those who are short on cash. This stems from its simplistic construction, bare minimum parts and features and relevance for light everyday tasks. A number of factors also contribute to its suitability. The non-woven bins and particle boards are chiefs of these.

In all, it provides a sturdy flat surface for you to lay your items on. Thanks to the rounded edge design, the item is safe enough to ward off potential injuries. Even when you accidentally rub your body and limbs along the edges, you will not suffer the issues of lacerations or piercing.

4. Winsome Wood 20115 Henry Accent Table

4: Winsome Wood 20115 Henry Accent Table, Black
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For your added peace of mind, you want a nightstand that combines elegance and economy. It is only by choosing to work with such an item that you will enjoy the dual benefits at a time. Well, it is this one that has been designed with that need in mind.

‘But why,’ you may ask? Well, this furniture combines sturdy construction, tapered legs, shaker0style end table, brushed metal door, elegant finishing, and oversized tops in one comprehensive yet cheap packaging. In these ways, it saves you money yet give off better value for money. You have it all for your added peace of mind.

3. Winsome Eugene Accent Table Nightstand

3: Winsome Eugene Accent Table, 18.9 inches, Espresso
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Could it be that all you want is to add some elegance to your rooms? Well, this is the one we would ask that you pick and make use of. It is on the whole structured purely for added aesthetics. That is mainly made possible by the rectangular ends, accented exteriors, and a warm espresso finish.

In its spacious interior drawers, you may tuck in your drink coasters, remote controls, phone chargers, and an assortment of other electronics. In its entirety, the furniture is adorned with some clean lines, uncomplicated overall design, and slightly tapered legs. What’s more? It does fit smoothly in the many interiors.

2. Winsome Wood 20218 Claire Accent Table Nightstand

2: Winsome Wood 20218 Claire Accent Table, Black
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Have some pre-existing piece of furniture which you want to extend the use and functionality of? Only a highly versatile bedroom nightstand of this kind is most likely able to deliver to you that benefit. Thanks to its carved rails, this furniture is able to attach to your open shelves and roomy storage drawers.

Its makeup comes in the composite wood construction which is similarly practical in style and creates some tidy spaces. The table also manages to detach and pair with many kinds of like-minded pieces of furniture. Throughout its exterior are some clean, classic and beautiful styling.

1. Zinus Dane Modern Studio Collection Narrow Nightstand

1: Zinus Dane Modern Studio Collection 20 Inch Square Side / End Table / Night Stand / Coffee Table, Espresso
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In case you are mainly concerned with the returns on your investments, you should choose a nightstand that is both stylish and highly functional at the same time. This one goes beyond that. It also comprises a lower shelf which adds extra space for you to safeguard your gears.

When all factors are considered, the nightstand is small and compact in size. As such, it fits those small and cramped up spaces with absolute ease. Given its sheer strength, the furniture is able to bear a whopping 100 pounds of weight. It remains true to its character no matter what.


Now that you know about the best modern bedroom narrow nightstand, we are now confident that you can make a good choice. Waste not your time with any other item than the small nightstand we have displayed above. Just skim through the list above and pick that one which is more likely to suit your needs.

While searching for the right narrow nightstand, consider your budget space, space availability, interior décor, and color preferences. These considerations will indeed go a long way to ensure that you do not stress yourself excessively. All the best from us in your subsequent search!

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