Square Igloo creates, develops and publishes interactive apps and ebooks for children for iPad, iPhone and Android tablet.

The beautiful illustrations, of many varied graphic styles such as paper mache or plasticine type, enliven funny and poetic characters.
All our stories are original!

To both parents and children’s delight, reading is fun, active and educational!

Meet the team


Valentine, Nathalie, Matt and Charly: we’re the 4 sides of our Square Igloo. Developerillustratorauthorreaderinventorseller, we’re all this at the same time, and even a bit more because our projects are numerous and ambitious, and they require the pooling of all our skills.

This is for the legend. But if you really want to know who does what at Square Igloo, here’s what’s happening behind the scene:


Valentine is our chairman, in charge of press relations; she’s also checking every little detail of our projects – because someone always forgets something!

You’re a journalist and you wish to tell her how much you like our creations? Contact her.

Nathalie founded Ptitinédi, a pure-player digital publishing company (2010-2011). She brought her catalog to Square Igloo where she’s naturally in charge of ebooks.
She is also an author and an illustrator.

You can send her your projects.

Matt is a CGI artist. He makes wonders with papier maché and clay. You would believe it’s real, but it’s all fake! And it’s so beautiful!
He’s responsible for the graphics of our apps “Scott’s Submarine” and “Mademoiselle Daisy’s New Friends”, as well as several of our ebooks.

You will find a link to his Website on the Authors page.

Charly can’t be seen anywhere: he’s forgotten in press reviews, in thankful notes … And yet, without him, there wouldn’t be anything at Square Igloo!
Developer and Webmaster, he’s the one who puts his hands under the hood. The three of us admire him for that and we’re very grateful.

You probably won’t need to contact him; he works in the shadows and he wishes to stay there …


What remains true of the legend: all our projects, apps or ebooks, are created and/or validated by the 4 of us, in close collaboration.
And of course we work with many translators, authors, musicians, voice talents, and illustrators … Without them, nothing would be possible!

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